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What is my MCPE Inventory Editor?

I made this program for the sole purpose to help you guys out (the fans of MCPE). It is a program written in C++ that will allow you to edit your MCPE worlds inventory. Lets say you had a piece of dirt, and you wanted to replace that dirt with 255 diamond blocks. This program will allow you to do that!

Information regarding a version compatable with MCPE 0.9.x... As some of you might know, mojang changed the format in which worlds are saved. This will force me to completely rewrite my software using their new library. I have no idea when it will be done, but I assure you, I will finish it. Here's a checklist showing my current progress

  1. Build Mojang's Leveldb Library. (stuck on this step, if anyone knows how to do this, feel free to contact me)
  2. Write the new software (this will take 1-2 days).
  3. Release the software (YAY!)

Questions? Check the FAQ or leave a reply here and I will respond!